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Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Alter Ego Photography Ideas

Alter Ego Photography ideas thoughts were racing through my head and I finally decided to do create this image of a Popular school girl snubbing a nerd in the locker room during my first attempt.  Alter Ego Photography allows you to portray an unlimited number of scenarios  weather it be funny, controversial, serious, sending a […]

hairstylist alter ego image
Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Hair stylist with Shock client Alter Ego image

It was a pleasure to work with hair stylist Kimberly Gray on this Alter Ego image of a talented stylist that finally lets her client see the final outcome.

Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Teacher vs Rebellious Students Alter Ego

This turned out the be a mix-tap cover for recording music artist Honey Dip. Class is in session , Teacher vs Rebellious Students Alter Ego image.

Madd Scientist vs Cool Kid alter ego
Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Madd Scientist Alter-Ego Image

Dai the Madd Scientist hanging out with with the cool music artist in the science lab. The “ego” on the right reminds me so much of Steve Urkle from back in the day.

rock star alter ego
Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Rock star Alter Ego

The first alter-ego that I have complete with 4 “egos”. Appollonia was the model for this one and act out the conservative church girl, and 3 band members on the stage.

DJ vs Snooty chic alter ego photo
Wednesday 25 November, 2015

DJ vs Snooty Chic Alter Ego Photo

A fun shoot with the Snooty chic acting like she is too good to jam with the DJ! We all got that friend that acts like they too good to have fun.

Male & Female Alter Ego
Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Male & Female Alter Ego

Look closely, they are both the same person. Vanady Star play the role of the male extremely well. She is 100% female, lol.

Alter-Ego photo of lady feeding homeless
Thursday 24 October, 2013

Help the Homeless Alter-Ego

Moving on to the next Alter-Ego shoot, the model Destini and I decided to shoot an Alter-Ego Concept that made the viewer think about the issue of homeless and less fortunate people needing help. She decided to portray both the wealthy and the homeless in our attempt. After production I was reluctant to release the […]

Thursday 24 October, 2013

Photographer & Model Alter-Ego

Miss Vanessa pull this off with ease, a simple but fun alter-ego photo concept that places the model as the photographer and the person being photographed. As pretty as she is, the biggest challenge of this shoot was getting the angles correct and trying to give her a business look that would make a statement […]

Alter-Ego Photographer Todd Youngblood No Bullying image.
Thursday 24 October, 2013

No Bullying Alter-Ego Photo

STOP THE BULLYING. Honestly this idea came after watching a news report on TV. I have heard of No Bullying campaigns which I would like to support and thought why not make an alter-ego photo thats against bullying. Jessica who recently contacted me on Facebook loved the idea and with a little time we pulled […]

Kids alter-ego photography
Friday 30 November, 2012

Alter-Ego of my cookie thief

Fun Alter-Ego shoot with my daughter the cookie their. In this alter-ego photo she catches the sneaky “ego” of herself stealing cookies.

Friday 25 November, 2011

Stop the Bullying Alter Ego Photo

A display of compassion and consideration for the girl that would pass for the clumsy school nerd. Stop the bullying has is one of my favorite alter-ego concepts.

hair stylist vs client with Miss Ozlem
Friday 25 November, 2011

Hair stylist and client

Hair stylist with the more urban look styling the hair of the client who has a more conservative attire.

No Bullying Alter Ego
Friday 25 November, 2011

Alter-Ego Photography

No Bullying Alter Ego with Todd Youngblood and Jessica Renfro. She played both parts very well. The biggest concern I have with Alter-Ego Photography is making sure the model is not afraid to act out the part, and she gave 100%